CRISP Management Team 2018

CRISP is an not-for-profit association incorporated in Victoria.

CRISP is managed by a committee elected each year by its members,
aided by a Nursery Manager, and a Community Development Worker.

  Nursery Management: Annette O'Sullivan
    Stephanie Dean
  President Lloyd Smiley
  Vice President Ann Adams
  Secretary Judith Pinney
  Treasurer Kay Cole
  Committee: Magda Teeuwen
  Natasha Sinclair
  Alan Bowes
  Newsletter Editor/design: Linda Hibbs
  Website manager/design: Ken McInnes

CRISP aims to provide a safe, respectful relationship between all people and organisations. CRISP is a Member Group of Landcare Victoria Inc., and has adopted their Code of Conduct.

We network widely with many groups and organisations, so the links below are to help support and strengthen that network.

Landcare Victoria Inc.
Indigenous Flora and Fauna Association
Maroondah City Council - Community Groups List
Australian Plants Society - Maroondah Group
BirdLife Australia - Nunawading
Croydon Conservation Society
Greening Australia