What are indigenous plants?

Indigenous plants are native plants that occur naturally in any given area. They are 'local' plants.

Why grow indigenous plants?

Indigenous plants have adapted to local rainfall patterns and soil conditions over time, requiring little extra watering after initial establishment.

These plants also provide a haven for local birds and animals and ensure precious food and shelter for butterflies and frogs. By planting local indigenous plants in your garden you are not only ensuring the continuation of the local wildlife, you are also helping some rare plant species to survive.

The species grown by CRISP nursery range from delicate wildflowers to groundcovers, shrubs and tall trees. Plant some of these and give your garden a new lease of life.

What do we grow?

CRISP grows a huge range of indigenous plants, of Ringwood and Heathmont provenance - see our Species List here.

We maintain a full, more extensive database of all the plants we grow and an inventory of all our plant stock, and we grow plants to order, for friends groups, land managers, etc.

So come visit our nursery, or contact us for more details.